Dean Dussias Featured in Chicago Lawyer Magazine

Dean S. Dussias

Founding partner Dean S. Dussias was featured in the July/August 2020 issue of Chicago Lawyer magazine. Interviewed for an article titled, “It’s Not Just the Coronavirus That’s Novel: Family Law Adjusts to A New Reality – One That May Linger Post-Pandemic,” Dean offered his thoughts on what it’s been like to maintain a busy family law practice amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Noting DWK’s extensive use of technology such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to facilitate communication within the firm and with judges and opposing counsel, Dean comments, “Everything we were able to do before, to some extent, we [can] still do.”

The firm continues to advise clients on a full range of family law matters, while advocating on their behalf through virtual meetings and, as courthouses re-open, in live hearings as well.

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