Divorce Digest Recognizes Attorney Judd Fineberg


In an update to its May 2017 report on this case, Divorce Digest is once again highlighting attorney Judd Fineberg’s work on behalf of a firefighter client. Judd’s client, a firefighter, had agreed to split equally the marital portion of his retirement pension with his former wife. When he was subsequently injured on the job and began receiving disability payments, his former wife sought a share of those payments as well. Judd secured a victory for his client at trial, preserving those disability payments as separate from the future pension. The client’s former wife appealed this decision and Judd once again set to work, protecting his client’s pre-retirement income. On Dec. 29, 2017, the First District Appellate Court affirmed Judd’s arguments, upholding the lower court’s original decision to deny the request to split the disability payments.